next shows:

sat 1/9   crossroads coffee and ice cream, RVA 8 to 10:30 PM, free

sat 2/6   batesville market, batesville VA 6:30 to 9 PM, free

sun 2/7   strangeways brewing RVA 2 to 5 PM, free

See the shows tab for a more complete BLH schedule.

Recent Live Links

2013-12-14 crossroads coffee set 1 conclusion:
azurite skies>think of me, seeds and stems again>green haze, james river blues>sunday drivers ed:


2013-12-14 crossroads coffee set 2 conclusion:
deal go down>fan man>white rabbit>not fade away, lovers in the sky: https://soundcloud.com/leedesj/set2-conclusion-20131214

new original BLH music from 11/20/13 at the parkwood shed:
For bookings CD sales and info, please contact us on facebook.

The new blue line highway DOUBLE-CD (Nothing Lasts Forever) is now available at gigs or by contacting us. 

Stream tunes from it at the audio tab

Download or stream entire Blue Line Highway shows (from the past ) for free at the Internet Archive:


Go to the videos tab for recent videos by Doug Bade (from Rapunzel’s 1/14/12)


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10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Kay

    Rod saw you guys at Plan B and was STOKED!!! We need to get you playing a gig at the Bowman-Shannon Cultural Arts Center! Email us if you have ANY free time (bscac.kep@gmail.com OR bscac.jla@gmail.com). BTW…………we (my husband and I and for a SHORT time our little girl) lived REALLy close to O’Tooles and ate there on a regular basis. Heck….we rode our bikes there……..but had to walk them home (if you know what I mean….).

  2. Shelly

    John, Melissa, Julia, Doug, Joe, and … Constance! Know that although Paul and I don’t get to see and hear you in person nearly often enough, your tunes are playing in our living room (the same you played in) and our cars, and you’re in our heads and hearts. Constance, we haven’t had the great pleasure of meeting you yet, but the day will come soon. MM quoted someone I’m going to quote too: You seem to make Blue Line Highway even more Blue Line Highwayish. Or, you put the Blue in Blue Line Highway? Okay, I’ll get my coat now. 😉 Seriously looking forward to a live show soon. Am doing my best to get you to WV!

  3. Steve

    I’ve listened to all your shows posted on archive.org, and was wondering if you’d be putting up any more from 2012? Love your sound, and especially John’s solos! Can’t get enough!!

  4. Mattie Coll

    I love your “Nothing Lasts Forever ” CD. Saw the band for the first time at O’Toole’s this week. Awesome!

  5. tennessee john

    Really enjoyed hearing & meeting y’all last night. In my travels, nothing makes my week(month/year) more than finding a gold nugget like BLH. Will stay in touch. Will keep the soul recharge goin listenin to cds. Thanx, john

  6. Houston Scott

    Really enjoyed the sessions that John has done in the past with Blue Line Highway, but this one has to be the best one yet.. “Soulful with depth an melodic”. “Great instruments, powerful and blending harmonica”! ~Houston Scott~

  7. Brenda Finley

    We would like to talk to you regarding a possible show. What is your phone number?

    Brenda Finley 272-9004 in Richmond


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